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NASCA Sept Newsletter
NASCA Sept Newsletter
Phone: 714-723-6845
Location:Buena Park   CA   USA


 There is much to report on this period, recent Vegas Exchange by SLS, coming
Lifestyles 2014 Convention, weekend travel destination San Felipe, the new 
Hedonism II, tours to Club Ambiance, and Swingers Radio among them.

 VEGAS EXCHANGE, held at the Palms in Las Vegas August 7-11, was a unique event
for couples from all parts of the country. Brian, Olga and the staff of SLS did
an amazing job of putting this event together. Keynote Speaker at the VIP Dinner
was Larry Flynt, certainly a person known to all attending. Another major
speaker was Nena Hartley, well known porn actress. Nena is much more than her
past as an actress would indicate. She is an RN and an accomplished speaker on 
a variety of topics, and a past speaker at the annual Lifestyles Conventions by
The Lifestyles Organization. Will there be a Vegas Exchange in 2014 or 2015? 
Who knows! There has been talk of collaboration with Dr. McGinley of Lifestyles,
but this is substance only of speculation.

 SAN FELIPE is emerging as a preferred destination for lifestyle couples looking
for a weekend social adventure. Rick Diaz, owner of Club WET in Southern 
California and Ed LaBanca, Lifestyles San Felipe, have worked over the months to
put together what they call "Swinger's Vacations on the Cheap." Their first 
offering is September 27 - 29 (hurry!), but look for further weekends as 
lifestyle couples discover San Felipe, just 2 1/2 hour's drive on a scenic road 
south of Calexico, CA. It is also reached by car from San Diego and any starting 
point in Southern California. Rick has even made caravans possible. San Felipe 
is like going to a friendly Mexican town of the 1960's. Rick and Ed have 
arranged for hotels, night club venues and uninhibited activities. There is even
a casino. For information call 951-686-2288. 

2014 at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa. Not familiar with 
Indian Wells, California? It is the home of Hollywood's greats, gorgeous homes 
and beautiful scenery, a sister city of Palm Springs. LIFESTYLES 2014 offers an 
ambitious program incorporating all that was famous of previous Lifestyles 
Conventions. This means a resort takeover, seminars, exhibit MarketPlace, theme 
dances, top-notch entertainment. pool parties (yes, they arranged for a topless 
pool), the popular Ms. Lifestyles Pageant and Mr. Lifestyles Contest, Lifestyles
Luncheon with keynote speaker (yet to be announced), and of course, the popular 
Masquerade Banquet & Ball. There is even a Lifestyles Golf Tournament for early 
arrivals! Couples who register with a deposit or full payment by October 15 
receive a $100 discount - and reports are that many are taking advantage of the 
offer. For full information, go to While there, 
click on the video. Want to speak with a live person about the convention? Call 
Roberta at 951-926-7972.

 SWINGERS RADIO on the Internet offers a daily program of music and commentary 
aimed at the lifestyle community. You can listen to Chris & Denise at The seminar talk on the popular history of swinging by 
Dr. Robert McGinley is scheduled to be broadcast beginning September 9 we are 
told. It will be in four segments and, NASCA is sure, if requested the segments 
may be repeated as they are interesting.

 HEDONISM II is back, well, not exactly back as it never left (pardon, James 
Bond, for borrowing your closing statement), but it does have new owners. Major 
renovations accomplished and in progress will serve to make Hedonism II more 
popular than ever. All major lifestyle oriented travel agencies offer tours to 
Hedonism II. If you have never experienced this resort on the calm waters of 
Negril Beach, Jamaica, you owe it to yourself.

 But Hedonism II isn't the only hot spot in Jamaica, CLUB AMBIANCE on Jamaica's
Runaway Bay is only now being discovered by lifestyle couples. It is all 
inclusive with clothing optional beaches, yes, two, and pool. With 90 rooms CA 
is perfect for those clubs wanting to do takeovers. It is reported that Dream 
Pleasure Tours has arranged for a one-day takeover by couples on the last day of
their cruise. This will be an interesting event! The Club Ambiance web site, a 
holdover from the previous owners, is being totally revamped to reflect the 
resort's welcome of the Lifestyle Community. Completion date of the new is said to be September 16. For reservations email You will be pleased at the rates.

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Location:     USA

The 13th year of this century has been one of factions and challenges, and 
it is only the 4th month! 

Obamacare has brought greater cost to many than was expected, but then what
would one expect when Nancy Pelosi said “We need to pass this legislation to 
see what it says.” Other challenges are the rising acceptance of gay marriage,
gun control offering “feel good” legislation that will have no affect
whatsoever on the behavior of criminals and deranged individuals, and on a
wholly different plane, the senseless bomb attack in Boston, the inability 
of some in power to recognize and admit terrorist acts, and the threats of an
idiotic wet behind the ears dictator of North Korea to set off a nuclear bomb
in the U.S. Talk about suicide! But our focus is on our growing lifestyle.

 Here is the news:
1.     Swingfest’s convention, the Mile High Club Expo, has been cancelled, 
then reset. 
        We have not had the opportunity to speak with Arnold about the
cancellation, but have heard that the problem stems from new management 
reacting to persons in the community complaining about the perceived 
content of the event. This is misguided action by the hotel and may be 
actionable. The event was to be May 2 – 5. However, not letting any grass 
grow under his feet, the Mile High Expo, renamed Mile High Exotica, has a 
new venue in Denver and new dates of Sep. 20-21. For information, go to
There is no liberty without sexual liberty. - Unknown
2.     Bruce Kinnee left this earth this past March – he will be remembered and
        Bruce was well known in the lifestyle community. He was a member of The
Lifestyles Organization for several years, then on moving back to Florida Bruce
& Dixie took over TLO’s Splash Party, renamed the event Dixie’s Splash Party
offering fun and social involvement to couples from all over the country. Bruce
was seen as difficult by some, and there is truth in this, but was at the same
time a pioneer and was honest and loyal to friends and fellow members of the 
lifestyle community. Bruce will be missed by many, especially so this writer.
Dixie Kinnee is carrying on with the Splash party in May. Dixie is well known,
admired and loved by many. We wish her well. For information and reservations 
on the Splash Party May 2 - 4 in Ft. Lauderdale, go to
3.     NASCA is now on FaceBook.
        On NASCA’s web site,, “click” on the FACEBOOK lOGO at the
bottom of the home page. Your comments and “likes” are welcome.
4.     Good news for couples looking to plan a lifestyle vacation for 2013.
  Hedonism II, the granddaddy of resorts open to lifestyle vacationers, has new
owners (well, sort of). The popular resort has been in stasis for most of this
year with travel agents and clients cautious about booking. Two of the new
owners are well known to the thousands who have enjoyed the resort over the
years. They are previous owners the Issa Family and long time General Manager
Kevin Levee. We look forward to completion of announced improvements to this
venerable Jamaican resort.
        The other good news is all-inclusive Club Ambiance’s entrance to
lifestyle destinations in Jamaica. Club Ambiance, in Runaway Bay a short
distance from where Hedonism III used to be, announced its change to a 
lifestyle resort in October of last year. The resort is making changes to 
better serve the interests of lifestyle couples, such as designating its twin
beaches and the swimming pool as clothing-optional.  The CA website is also
under redesign to promote a more sensual impression.
        Original Resort’s latest addition, Pearl, reportedly has been well
accepted as a high end destination. The other resort in the potential 4/5 Star
category, Fantasy in Nuevo Vallarta, which entered the lifestyle scene several
months ago, has been closed – no surprise given the shenanigans of the owner.
This is a shame as the resort had everything going for it – except management 
it seems.
        There are those in the lifestyle community always seeking new vacation
possibilities. These efforts sometimes result in real benefits to adventuresome
lifestylers. Here are two we recently learned of:
        Lifestyle San Felipe, a project by Ed LaBanca in San Felipe and Rick 
Diaz of the Southern California club WET, is a find worth consideration. This
writer accepted their invitation for a trip to San Felipe and returned 
pleasantly surprised. San Felipe is a two hour drive from Calexico into Baja
California Sur (south) along the Sea of Cortez. It is a town best known as a 
great place for fishing, but as this writer can attest, it is far more than
that. Much like a Mexican town of the ‘60s, it is friendly, safe, with good
food, jumping nightclubs, and more to the point, a friendly view toward the
lifestyle. There are even stickers on some businesses offering discounts to
visitors with a Lifestyle San Felipe membership card, obtaining from Ed or Rick.
In addition to clearing the project with city powers, they have arranged for
hotels to stay in. In this writer’s opinion, this is perfect for groups of 20 
or so couples for a vacation that will demand to be repeated. Commercial air
service is expected to the San Felipe International Airport by this fall. Others
can drive from San Diego on Hwy 8 to Hwy 5 or from Calexico on Hwy 5. Rick can
also arrange for bus transportation – fun for a group! The roads are excellent
and scenic. For information, contact Rick at 951-323-1536.
        But wait, as they say on TV commercials, there is more! The team that
found Fantasy (they had no inkling of the problems to come with that one)
continue their quest. On the possible horizon of their quest is a fantastic,
small, up-scale beach resort, on more than 4,000 acres, the Bay of Dreams,
available for groups of 20-25 couples. It is a 45 minute drive south of La Paz,
the Capitol of Baja California Sur. This could easily develop into a full time
lifestyle resort if the lifestyle community of clubs, travel agencies, and 
individual members have vision and desire for new vacation destinations. More
information as it becomes available. If interested (club, travel agency, 
couple), send an email to If there is demand as indicated by
your interest, well, who knows…?
5.     Regarding Lifestyle Vacations
        Four travel companies have formed together in a cooperative to offer 
new vacation experiences along with the tried and true. The organization is 
Travel Consultants Guild. Members, at this time, are Exotic Travel Dream, 
Alegre Travel, NascaTours, and Travel by Lifestyles. The official announcements
have not yet been made. This is advance information through your newsletter.
6.     Conventions in 2013
        SLS reports that reservations for the organization’s first major
convention, Exchange 2013 at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas, August 7-11, are 
doing well. The Lifestyles Organization is supporting this event. Info:
        It is rumored that there is to be a reprise of the venerable annual
Lifestyles Convention by The Lifestyles Organization in the summer of 2014. The
last Lifestyles Convention was in 2007, ending a run of 34 years with venues in
16 cities. Will there be a Lifestyles 2014? Let us hope so! More on this as
details are made known.
7.     Swing Clubs
The lifestyle has truly grown! There are now 698 swing clubs in North America.
If looking for a club, go to, select Clubs in the top menu bar, 
then select the state of your interest. Locate your choice and contact the club.
Feedback on your experience will be appreciated.
P.O. BOX 6978, BUENA PARK, CA 90622

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NASCA International
NASCA International
Location:     USA

NASCA International – August 25, 2012 NASCA has completely updated and revised its entire site, correcting listings and adding many more, including international clubs. The listings are in two categories, Affiliates and Non-Affiliates. Affiliate listings provide complete information of the club, offering or event, with full contact information and logos. Non-Affiliate listings provide basic name and location information. The intent is to provide as complete a list of everything available in the lifestyle community to seekers of information. Clubs that are closed are also listed and noted as closed. Notices to all listed will soon be sent for checking and renewal. Comments on listings and experiences with clubs and events are invited:
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NASCA Tour to Club Ambiance
NASCA Tour to Club Ambiance
Phone: NASCATOURS 714-321-4254
Location:Runaway Bay     Jamaica

Experience Club Ambiance Resort & Spa at one time Special Introductory Rates, 
                  2 weeks only, $280 per night, per couple!

NASCA International  has arranged with Club Ambiance and Alegra Tours for very
special introductory rates for couples at the new lifestyle resort in Runaway
Bay, Jamaica, for the weeks of May 4-11 and 18-25. Club Ambiance became an 
all-inclusive, clothing optional beach & pool lifestyle resort in October. 
The resort becomes couples only on May 1, 2013.
We have reduced the regular rate for a Standard Room by $70 per night to an 
incredible $280 per night, per couple, double occupancy, all-inclusive! There 
is a 3 night minimum, and you may stay as long as you like at this special rate.
Prefer an upgrade? We have you covered here as well. Special rate for a Superior
Room is $294, and the Deluxe Jr. Suite is $326. All rooms have a balcony or 
patio with an ocean view. Reservations must be made by March 31 to lock in 
these rates.

Call to reserve: NASCATOURS 714-321-4254 or ALEGRA TOURS 951-926-7972, fax to
714-723-6845, or email for full details. 

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Canadian Press
Location:Montreal, Quebec     Canada

Canadian Press: Montreal — Swingers clubs will start springing up across Canada after a Montreal judge who convicted five swingers ruled their activities are not necessarily illegal, the head of a Quebec swingers association said Friday. Municipal court Judge Denis Boisvert found five people guilty of swinging-related offences, but he said in his judgment that "contemporary Canadian society tolerates swinging and swingers clubs if the sexual acts take place in private." Jean Hamel, president of the 8,000-member Quebec Swingers Association, predicted Judge Boisvert's ruling released Friday will have national ramifications. "This judgment will affect all of Canada," Jean Hamel said in an interview. "I don't think more clubs will open in Quebec but I think it will open doors for other places in Canada like Toronto, where they didn't have any clubs with sexual activities on premises. "So that will be a big change for Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver, because the only province in Canada that you could find sexual relations on premises was Quebec. Quebec has always been a pioneer with sexual practices." Judge Boisvert found Denis Chesnel and his daughter Brigitte guilty on two counts each of running a bawdy house. Mr. Chesnel was also found guilty on one other charge, while his daughter was convicted on two others. Three other people were convicted of being present in a bawdy house. Denis Chesnel said he wasn't too disappointed with Judge Boisvert's judgment, although he called it a double standard. "The gays, they do what they want," Mr. Chesnel said. "Us hetero people, we can't do what we want. It's a joke." At the heart of Judge Boisvert's ruling was the notion of public sex versus private sex. "If the sexual acts take place in public, even among consenting adults, that is no longer swinging, but an orgy," he wrote. "And Canadians do not tolerate orgies or other Canadians participating in orgies." Judge Boisvert noted that most of the bedrooms in one of the two places that were raided didn't have any doors, making them a "common space." But he didn't outline what constitutes public or private, saying each case must be analyzed on an individual basis. The charges against the Chesnels and several other people were laid after undercover police visited two private residences in 1999 and witnessed various sexual acts involving multiple partners. Mr. Chesnel, who faces fines of up to $2,500, predicted more people will join his cause and dismissed a suggestion the convictions will scare off potential swingers. "No, no, not at all. They'll just be careful about the places they go because there are swingers clubs and then there are swingers clubs. So people will probably watch out where they go, where it's mostly legal." Judge Boisvert wrote that the sexual activities took place in public because the general public had access to the two buildings after seeing various newspaper and Internet ads. A lawyer who defended a woman acquitted by Judge Boisvert said there was cause for celebration for swingers despite the convictions. "This is good news because now we have a judgment establishing clearly that swinging is perfectly legal in Canada, depending if the act happens publicly or in private," said Bernard Corbeil.
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Phone: (831) 426-7082
Contact: David Steinberg
Location:Santa Cruz   CA   USA

COMES NATURALLY #138 Copyright © 2003 David Steinberg "A MASSIVE DISRUPTION OF THE CURRENT SOCIAL ORDER" "What a massive disruption of the current social order... This effectively decrees the end of all morals legislation. If, as the Court asserts, the promotion of majoritarian sexual morality is not even a legitimate state interest, none of the above-mentioned laws [laws against fornication, bigamy, masturbation, adultery, prostitution, adult incest, bestiality, and obscenity] can survive rational-basis review." -- Justice Antonin Scalia, dissenting from the majority ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, June 26, 2003 It could have been "just" a gay rights decision. It could have been nothing more than a decision ordering that homosexuals be treated equally with heterosexuals when it comes to state regulation of sexual practices. It could have been a ruling that the state of Texas could only outlaw sodomy between homosexuals if it applied those restrictions to heterosexuals as well. That in itself would have been historic, a major victory for gay and lesbian rights after 17 years of legal campaigning, a cause for special celebration in gay pride events across the country. But that's not what the Supreme Court chose to say on June 26 when it issued its anxiously awaited decision in Lawrence v. Texas. Instead, the Court chose to go much further than affirming the right of gays and lesbians to have sex on an equal basis with heterosexuals. Instead, the Court decided to challenge the very idea that government has any right whatsoever to tell consenting adults of all sexual orientations and all sexual inclinations how they may or may not have sex in the privacy of their homes. "Were we to hold the [Texas prohibition of sodomy] invalid under the Equal Protection Clause," Justice Anthony Kennedy writes in his remarkable majority opinion, "some might question whether a prohibition would be valid if drawn differently, say, to prohibit [sodomy] both between same-sex and different-sex participants." No, says Kennedy for the Court. The state has no business attempting "to define the meaning of the [sexual] relationship or set its boundaries." None at all, for consenting adults, unless there is "injury to a person or abuse of an institution the law protects." Why? Because, Kennedy says with more sexual appreciation than anyone could possibly expect from the inner sanctums of established government, it is essential that adults be able to "choose to enter upon this relationship [sex] in the confines of their homes and their own private lives and still retain their dignity as free persons." The venerable Sexual Freedom League could not have said it better. Kennedy goes on to issue a veritable treatise on the importance of sex in human relations, and the history of sexual attitudes and legal constraints in this country. He cites the brilliant and radical work of John D'Emilio and Estelle Freedman ("Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America"). He notes that 19th-century sodomy prosecutions typically involved sex between adults and children, "predatory acts against those who could not or did not consent," not oral or anal sex between adults. He emphasizes that, prior to the 1970s, homosexuals were never singled out for criminal prosecution, that the very "concept of the homosexual as a distinct category of person did not emerge until the late 19th century." He notes the dramatic changes in sexual attitudes that have occurred since the 1960s and cites these in defense of his ruling. "Our laws and traditions in the past half century are of most relevance here," says Kennedy -- the "emerging awareness that liberty gives substantial protection to adult persons in deciding how to conduct their private lives in matters pertaining to sex." Laws that "purport to do no more than prohibit a sexual act" actually "have more far-reaching consequences," Kennedy observes, "touching upon the most private human conduct, sexual behavior, and in the most private of places, the home." Sex is so fundamental a part of human relationships, says Kennedy, that, in the name of basic liberty, the state must leave individuals free to pursue it however they please. To do otherwise subjects individuals to a stigma that is "not trivial," he says, including the requirement that they register as sex offenders in at least four states. Sex, Kennedy philosophizes in the passage most widely cited in media reports, is much more significant than the performance of a specific act. "When sexuality finds overt expression in intimate conduct with another person, the conduct can be but one element in a personal bond that is more enduring." The issue of sexual freedom, he says, is nothing less than one's "right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life." Then Kennedy really gets down to brass tacks. "The issue is whether the majority may use the power of the State to enforce [its 'religious beliefs, conceptions of right and acceptable behavior, and respect for the traditional family'] on the whole society through operation of criminal law." It may not, Kennedy declares unequivocally. "Our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own moral code." John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner, the publicity-shunning appellants in Lawrence v. Texas, have the right to engage in sex however they please, without the intrusion of the state, says Kennedy, not only because homosexuals should be equal in standing to heterosexuals, but more fundamentally because "individual decisions by [both married and unmarried] persons, concerning the intimacies of their physical relationship, even when not intended to produce offspring, are a form of liberty protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment." "Keep Your Laws Off My Body" reads the decades-old slogan that gay rights activists and sexual crusaders of all stripes have emblazoned on hundreds of thousands of protest signs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. Anthony Kennedy could appropriately have been wearing just such a t-shirt under his judicial robes when he delivered his majority opinion, speaking for five of the nine Supreme Court Justices. (Sandra Day O'Connor, the sixth vote in the Court's 6-3 decision, restricted her concurrence to the issue of equal rights for homosexuals.) Just as Brown v. Board of Education profoundly changed the legal standing of African-Americans in 1954, just as Roe v. Wade radically altered the circumstances of women in 1973, so does Lawrence v. Texas completely redefine the ongoing struggle for sexual freedom, autonomy, and self-determination in this country. The ruling is unambiguous, unrelenting, unqualified, and crystal clear. No group in society -- no matter how fervent, no matter how large -- has the right to impose its views about how people should and should not have sex on everyone else. Scalia is right. All laws prohibiting fornication, masturbation, adultery, playing with sex toys, attending private swingers parties and s/m clubs, prostitution, bigamy, adult incest, bestiality, and obscenity must now be called into question and arguably overturned. Everyone who has long believed something along those lines need no longer feel the slightest bit hesitant to say so. It's not just a bunch of fringe perverts who believe in the importance of sexual freedom and self-determination, it's the majority of a very conservative United States Supreme Court. "Two adults who, with full and mutual consent from each other [engage in sex] are entitled to respect for their private lives. The State cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime." Social conservatives from Antonin Scalia to Jerry Falwell are stunned and angered by the Court's decision, as well they ought to be. Just when they thought they had the Supreme Court in their hip pocket, look what happens. "This is probably as bad a day as the court has had on social issues since Roe v. Wade," Falwell told The New York Times. "A grand-slam homer for the other side," bemoaned Jay Sekulow of Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), who created a major conundrum for George Bush with his remarks about the case prior to the June 26 decision, was quick to say I-told-you-so. Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, accused the Court of "pillaging its way through the moral norms of our country." But while social conservatives go apoplectic and scurry around drafting constitutional amendments to prevent Lawrence v. Texas from turning the tables in the ongoing debate about gay marriage, libertarian conservatives like William Safire are unapologetically delighted with the ruling. "The Supreme Court has just slammed America's bedroom door," Safire wrote in his nationally syndicated column. "Libertarian conservatives like me who place a high value on personal freedom consider Lawrence v. Texas a victory in the war to defend everyone's privacy." Indeed, Lawrence v. Texas places the social conservatives of the Religious Right in direct opposition to the libertarians who are often their political allies. Conservative politicians from George Bush down to your local Congressperson and State Representative are going to have to do some fancy footwork to hold their newly-divergent constituencies together. Meanwhile, everyone in America gets to be reminded that sexual diversity is as patriotically American as flying the stars and stripes. Ben Franklin is, without doubt, grinning from his grave.
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Follow Up
Location:Phoenix   AZ   USA

Follow-up The local Phoenix, Arizona authorities have an ongoing agenda to rid their community of on-premise swing clubs using the rationale that they are doing this to stop the spread of STD's. This is utterly ridiculous and ignorant. We must assert the protection that the 1st, 4th & 14th amendments to our constitution provide us. 1st - Freedom of Speech. 4th - Rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. 14th- No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law & every person shall have equal protection of the law. Invariably, the legal battle to fight becomes cost-prohibitive and of course we all know which side has inexhaustible funds. Every time a club closes we all lose. If you want your local clubs to continue operating, you need to be pro-active in staying politically aware and active in your local community as well as nationally. Your local politicians have a major effect on your life as well as the Supreme Court. We all need to promote a greater awareness of who and what we are and what we want for ourselves. If you want this lifestyle as an integral part of your life then you need to keep yourself aware of what is going on in the industry. NASCA's function is to promote, disseminate and assist you in obtaining the current "state of the lifestyle". The battle line continues to be in Phoenix. We must dig in and stop this invasion once and for all A 1998 Phoenix City Council meeting showed the lack of secondary effects along with reduced crime stats and lower calls for police service around clubs. Apparently they do not much care for facts! Usually clubs get hassled due to zoning, noise or alcohol violations. None of those are applicable here. This harassment apparently is fueled by the National Family Legal Foundation. Their agenda is to dictate their extremist stance on the entire general population. NASCA protests the ban that the Phoenix City Council has enacted against on-premise swing clubs. It must stop here, otherwise it will proliferate and become an insidious contagious virus that other government bodies will adopt in an attempt to control our freedom of expression. ! NASCA INT
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July 9, 2002 article
Location:     USA

July 9, 2002 article in major news publication "Partner swapping comes out of closet as today's partner swapping is more upscale, perhaps more accepted." Julian Guthrie, Chronicle Staff Writer Tuesday, July 9, 2002. Swinging, the practice of swapping romantic partners, has had a makeover. Gone are the big-hair, gold-chain '70s-style swingers who gathered in suburban tract homes. Today's energetic couplings have made their way into mainstream resorts and upscale commercial venues. "There are people who see the market potential and are opening clubs and agencies to cater to the lifestyle," said Tony Lanzaratta, a former Los Angeles police officer who is executive director of NASCA, a national organization of swingers. "The lifestyle tour and travel industry has more than tripled in the last five years." For instance, more than 4,000 swingers recently took over the 17-story Radisson Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla. Each January, about 2,000 swingers take over a Jamaican resort called Hedonism. Thousands of swingers are expected at a national convention in Reno this month. The typical swingers are in their 30s or 40s and have solid jobs and relationships -- and disposable income, Lanzaratta said. NASCA, known as the North American Swing Club Association before it went international, has been approached by a "major hotel chain" about opening five- star resorts catering to swingers, Lanzaratta said. The movement has changed in other ways. Experts who have studied swingers say women now are the ones running clubs, organizing events and embracing this newfound libertinism. WOMEN DRIVING MOVEMENT NOW "Women are more liberated. They're the ones who are driving this movement today," said Dr. Ted McIlvenna, president of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. McIlvenna, who is 70, a former United Methodist minister and not a swinger himself, has studied sex clubs for more than 25 years and began tracking swingers 12 years ago. Generally, McIlvenna said, it's the man who wants to try swinging and the woman who wants to go back. "The woman might like the stuff that's going on, but her family-forming behavior kicks in," McIlvenna said. "She likes the sense of community. The man is simply going to get laid." Every weekend, in cities from San Jose to Novato and Hayward to San Francisco, heterosexual couples pay to "swing," or swap romantic partners. The Bay Area has 22 couples-only swing clubs registered on the NASCA Web site, where the motto is, "For those who want more than just one bite." Countless other clubs operate on their own. An estimated 500 such clubs operate across the country. "This is not for everyone," said NASCA's Lanzaratta. "We're not trying to gain acceptance from the general public." Nonetheless, swinging is finding its way into glossy magazines, popular television shows and movie houses. Documentaries including "Sex With Strangers" are showing in mainstream theaters and garnering guardedly positive reviews. HBO's hit series "Six Feet Under" recently featured a swingers party. The March issue of French Vogue included a story on the rise of swing clubs. FEAR OF BACKLASH Harry Gantz, a producer of "Sex With Strangers," believes the swing movement is just now "coming out." It has inched into more mainstream and upscale circles, he says, but for many there remains a fear of condemnation. "In 25 states, you can run for office and be openly gay, but if you come out and say you're married and that you have sex with other couples, you won't get elected," Gantz said. A backlash followed the release of the movie. Four of the seven people featured lost their jobs when employers found out they were swingers, according to Gantz. "Marriage is still the most sacred institution in our country," Gantz said. "To the point that you reveal an alternative to that, there will be a backlash. " McIlvenna, the director of the sexuality institute, believes the taboo is slowly lifting. "Whether this sort of thing is good or bad is impossible to say," he said. "It's more about how you view your own sexuality. From the couples we've studied, it doesn't end in divorce, but it doesn't solve problems either. For many, it's just a diversion." Sex clubs, which are legal, require a business license and change of use permit to operate. Local health departments issue guidelines for operation but generally leave it up to the proprietors to promote safe sex and monitor activities. By law, clubs provide only spaces where sex is in the open, rather than in private rooms. The owner of Lush, a private sex club in San Francisco, said safety is promoted before the doors open. The club requires that reservations be made live, over the phone. A reservationist screens callers to get a sense of experience. The club does not advertise. First-time visitors are generally referred by a member. The owner, who asked not to be named, said he had opened the club to provide a "cool but sophisticated" atmosphere. 'TIME TO MODERNIZE IT' "Before Lush, there were only house or hotel parties," he said. "Everything felt very left-over from the '70s and '80s. I thought it was time to modernize it. We wanted to bring in the club lifestyle, have house music, make it cool." Visitors to Lush pay $80 per couple. Single men or women are not admitted. A dress code is enforced -- no jeans or athletic attire allowed. The mantra of swingers is "no means no." If a couple asks another to "play," a no is to be taken as politely as yes. On a recent Saturday night at Lush, situated on a side street near the city's Civic Center, couples danced to house music spun by a disc jockey and chatted with other couples seated at tall cafe tables or on love seats nearby. There were no drugs or alcohol for sale, although some couples had brought their own bottles of wine and champagne. A white-tablecloth buffet was set up, offering chocolates, strawberries, sodas and mineral water. Throughout the night, which began at 10 and wound down after 3 a.m., couples made their way from the dance floor to the dimly lit upstairs. Some couples spent the evening clothed, walking hand in hand, watching the action. Most, though, became active participants. Lockers were available to stash clothes and bags. Two rooms had gauze curtains, offering the guise of privacy. Couples streamed by, pulling back curtains to peer in. In one room, a couple from Sonoma waited for partners. The husband was dressed, the wife lay nude on her stomach. Mattresses were covered in white sheets. A hallway decorated with faux vines led to one large room, with bunk-bed-style tiers of mattresses. Bowls were filled with condoms. The upstairs bathroom included a shower. ONE COUPLE'S STORY Lana Trumm and Yuri Shiller, who have been married for 10 years, started swinging two years ago. Shiller had heard of the club and wanted to try it out. They've been regulars ever since. On a good night, there are 200 people at Lush. Trumm, who is 35, is candid about her many loves, which include: her husband, sex with her husband, sex with strangers, art, dance and Russian food, particularly potatoes, salt fish and salami. Tall, thin, blond and blue-eyed, she was born in Siberia and danced with the St. Petersburg ballet. Shiller, 48, was born in Leningrad. The two met when she was modeling, and he was a fashion photographer. Today, living in San Francisco, both do conceptual art. He is prone to discoursing on how swinging improves society and likening good sex to good art. She is more practical. "We are living our fantasy," he said. "I'm glad when Lana finds something good at Lush. If it's something she needs and makes her happy, then I feel happy." Trumm, who crinkles her nose when she smiles, confesses that she likes making her husband "a little bit" jealous. She said it made him want her more. "Lush has made our life much more interesting," she said. "We are closer than ever before. It's very sexy." Before the evening had ended, Shiller and Trumm played with several other couples. "The first couple was especially good," Trumm said later. "I fell in love. It was the first time we'd met, although they'd been to Lush before. The guy was very handsome. We danced for a while. We went upstairs. It was easy. The sex was spectacular." No names were exchanged. No plans were made to see each other again. "Sometimes it's enough to be with one person for one hour," Trumm said. "I just want great sex. I don't need someone to have breakfast with." She added, "We want to fall in love a few times a night. That's why we go to Lush. To find love."
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Swing Club court cases
Location:Vancouver     Canada

Swing Club court cases in the news. Vancouver, Canada - On the eve of opening North America's first safe-injection site for drug users, Vancouver City Council has now sanctioned the right of sex-trade businesses to operate from local residences. In a surprise move, councillors voted 4-3 to include elements of the sex trade among approved businesses that a person can run from their home in the city's increasingly residential downtown core. Such a move would certainly be a Canadian first, said Simon Fraser University criminologist John Lowman, an expert on prostitution law. "Hats off to city council. This is a step in the right direction," Prof. Lowman said, citing the scores of street prostitutes who have died at the hands of customers in recent years. The council vote overturned an attempt by city officials to exclude "any dating service, entertainment service, exotic dancer business, social escort service or other similar business" from the expansion of commercial activity to be allowed in ground-level, downtown residences. The vote took place after Jamie-Lee Hamilton, a well-known advocate for prostitutes, spoke out against excluding sex-oriented businesses from the city bylaw. "It was very discriminatory," the transgendered Ms. Hamilton said yesterday. "It would have allowed lawyers, consultants, graphic designers, etc., to operate from their residences, but say no to escort agencies and the sex trade. That's discrimination. "Instead of treating sex workers as oddities, they should have the same rights as everyone else in society." Previously, all home businesses in Vancouver were limited to so-called "craftwork" type operations, with no outside employees, on-site sales or signage. Now, some people in selected areas will be able to run larger operations from their residences. Employees may be hired, some sales conducted and signs allowed. Sex-oriented businesses, including escort agencies, are among those covered by the change. Although Mayor Larry Campbell was not present for Wednesday night's vote and was unsure yesterday about the implications, he praised council for its chutzpah. "If this means Vancouver is 'out there,' so be it," Mr. Campbell said, noting the city's landmark safe-injection site, which opens Monday, and its current study of all aspects of gambling. "We're a city that is not afraid to discuss things." The mayor said something must be done to protect sex-trade workers, particularly in light of the scores of prostitutes who have gone missing from the poor, Downtown Eastside. However, Mr. Campbell said he personally favours regulated "red light" districts as the best way to do that, rather than permitting residential brothels. It was not clear whether the new bylaw goes that far, since keeping a common bawdy house remains a Criminal Code violation. "We're talking about a municipal bylaw here," Prof. Lowman said. "Unfortunately, the Criminal Code trumps that." But he congratulated Vancouver City Council for confronting the issue of Canada's prostitution laws, which he said are hypocritical and dangerous for prostitutes. Councillor Peter Ladner, who voted against the bylaw change, criticized the decision to include parts of the sex trade among permitted residential business operations. "Does an escort service actually mean sex-trade workers right on site? Does it include body-rub parlours? There are a lot of unanswered questions," Mr. Ladner said. "I think they [those who favoured the bylaw change] got carried away with the plight of sex-trade workers and listening to Jamie-Lee Hamilton, and were blinded by the reality of what they were doing. "I mean, if an escort service just means a greasy guy with a computer, who cares? But if you call the escort service and they say 'come on over,' then that's a lot different." Escort agencies and body-rub parlours, as in other Canadian cities, are licensed by the municipal government, although they operate in a murky legal environment. Councillor Anne Roberts said she voted against excluding sex-trade businesses from the so-called Office Live-Work bylaw because she felt it was discriminatory to leave them out when they are already licensed and regulated by the city. Ms. Roberts added that the bylaw includes a "good neighbourhood" agreement, ensuring that neighbours are not disturbed by unruly behaviour. Councillor Tim Louis, another supporter, called the move an experiment. "We will watch and listen. We are open-minded about this."
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Swing Club court cases in the news
Contact: Dick & Dee
Location:Phoenix   AZ   USA

Swing Club court cases in the news. LEGAL FUND PLEA Club Chameleon, Phoenix, AZ. "The legal battle that Club Chameleon is facing seems to be the main topic of all the emails that we have received at the clubs website. It also seems to be the main topic of discussion with most of the people that we have seen at the club. The postings on the Club Chameleon Yahoo posting board is loaded with ideas, well wishes, outrage at the city, and promises of help. This is all very commendable, people coming out of the woodwork pledging to help in any way that they can. Well folks, words seem to be really easy to post, say, and publish. The fact of the matter is that we have had only two - yes that is not a typo - 2 - donations that have been sent in to the club via the clubs website. The legal fees are mounting and the donations that have come in sure won't pay for much of the court costs. Milo and Nancy have put it on the line for all of us, with Milo even spending a night in jail so that we could enjoy the freedom of choice that we have in attending Club Chameleon. Now is the time to either put up or shut up. Now is no longer the time for mere words. Do you all really mean what you say. Dee and I are asking everyone that gets this email to get your credit card out right now and throw something in the pot. If you want to continue this fight for your freedom to attend clubs like Club Chameleon - lets ante up now..... Go to the link below and click on the donate icon. We are not asking for loose change, we believe that everyone that has ever attended a club like Club Chameleon should donate at least the cost of one Saturday night. - Yes, that is $40..... If you don't do it now or you may never be able to spend another $40 in going to a club again, because if we loose the legal battle here, there won't be any more clubs. And this does not just mean in Phoenix. This insidious cancer that is eating at our freedoms will spread to every city in the country. Only you can stop it. Stop it here in Phoenix before it spreads to the rest of the country. If you don't believe in this fight, then save your $40 bucks. You can use it to go to the movies for one or two nights, because without clubs like Club Chameleon, that will be all you can do on a Saturday night. For those that can afford more than $40. please stretch a little and let's see a whole bunch of hundred-dollar donations. Better yet, how about a few thousand-dollar donations. We know there are people out there that can afford this. Let's hear from you. Let's show the city of Phoenix that we will not let them usurp our rights. Fight back now - with your pocketbook - or you will not be able to fight back later for there will be nothing left to fight for."Go to the following link and hit that donate button now.. Club Chameleon
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