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The Rip-Roarin’ Western Weekend at the Lonesome Dove Ranch in Lucerne valley, CA, Sept. 20-21, 2014 was great fun. Consider a couples’ weekend on a real Western ranch with bar, large pool, outdoor barbecue, great food, partying, dancing under a starry night to a famous DJ und late night partying. This was a first, a cooperative event by Lifestyles with NASCA Connect members, Playcouple.tours, and the California clubs of The ClubWET Group. NASCA  and Lifestyles is considering a return to this 75-acre ranch for the summer of 2017. There are 12 western decorated cabins, a large parking lot for RVs, and for the hardy “lets camp out crowd,” our own tent city. Interested? Let NASCA know at nasca@nasca.com to be on the mail list.


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Our distinguished panel will give their answers to questions you submit on all aspects of sexuality, relationships, travel, swinging and related topics. Send questions to nasca@nasca.com with NASCA Forum in the subject line. Be succinct in your question but as detailed as necessary. Answers, there may be several, one by each panel member, will appear in the NASCA FAQ and emailed to you.

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