Dance Club, Swingers Club, Restaurant, Bar & Grill, The most exclusive adult spot in Mobile, AL

Location:Mobile, Alabama
Address: 2206 Government St
Contact: Talandance Jones
Phone: ​251-281-3403

Email: talandancejones@gmail.com

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Location:Birmingham, Alabama

Sweet Desires is a Social Club which is an Off-Premise, Private event, by Invitation ONLY club for couples, single females, and a select number of single men. We provide a setting to make it easy for adults to meet, socialize, drink, dance, and get to know one another. We have monthly events (see Events) and a DJ. We meet around the first week-end of each month.​

Sweet Desires Club

Location:Attalla, Alabama
​​Email: rebelmh@aol.com

Swing Clubs: Alabama

Pleasures Club

Come and visit Calgary’s own Adult Playground. Swinging Socials, Power Exchange events, something for all lifestyles and desires. Please check our Web site for upcoming events that may stimulate your FANTASY. Our Parties are private, e-mail us and tell us a little about yourselves and when you expect to be in town. We would love to entertain you with some Western Canada Hospitality. NASCA membership discounts honored,