NEWSLETTER September 16, 2017

PLAYCOUPLE TOURS major interest is seeking out and offering travel experiences to enhance the enjoyment of being a couple - the excitement and sensual memories of enjoying a cruise, tour, or resort together - the stuff of life! (Never fear, we offer vacation experiences for single man, single women, and families as well).

Have you experienced a lifestyle couples-only cruise? A full-ship charter cruise of couples in the lifestyle offers a sensual vacation to be remembered and cherished - and we have such a cruise! Playcouples recommends
BLISS CRUISES' charter of the CELEBRITY EQUINOX (pictured) November 25 - December 2, 2017. This is just a couple of months away, but cabins are still available - if you don't tarry!

Go to our website
www.playcouple.tours, select Cruises from the menu, then Celebrity Equinox, then Check Availability for full information that can't fail to arouse your desire.

Looking for value in an all-inclusive adults-only Jamaican resort? We suggest
CLUB AMBIANCE in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. It is not a lifestyle resort but does have a nude beach as well as "prude" beaches, a large swimming pool, nightclub, and a very friendly staff. If you go, give our regards to GM Gilbert - a good friend of ours, NASCA, and Lifestyles. To reserve your room at our excellent rate, go to our website www.playcouple.tours, click on Resorts in the menu, then Club Ambiance in the drop down menu. We will get right back to you with a great rate!

As LT&T, we cut our teeth in travel experiences for lifestyle couples. In fact, we were pioneers in introducing Hedonism II and Desire resorts. We have returned as
Playcouple Tours with a dedication to serving the lifestyle community.

                                                                                                                    Your travel staff.
                                                                                                  Robert, Geri, Dan, Aaron, and Rhoda

NASCA NEWS  September 01, 2016

Report of club visit by NASCA Ambassadors Rick & Mary Amor

Mary & I had been to Club Joi a number of times over the years and have never, ever been disappointed. This night we arrived around 9pm, surrendered our car to a smiling Club Joi Valet and walked a few steps to the club entrance. Opened the door and Boom! The music, sounds of laughter and excitement was immediately part of our night. Expect energy, the kind of energy which calls out the dancing best in you. Fun, friendly and fantastic, Club Joi’s ‘F’ words. LOL. Located near the heart of Los Angeles and an easy find off of a nearby freeway ramp. Worth the drive from anywhere in SOCAL.

Joi is the product of Jon and Parris, a couple very much in sync with the younger up and coming Lifestyle generation. They have tapped into the right kind of energy and vibe to serve up a satisfying visit. From the moment you walk up to the front desk on their amazingly soft carpet and state your first names, you feel a part of this exciting atmosphere. Beautiful Samrican and her staff are there to jump-you-in, more important, they are there to greet you into the Joi family.

The big dance floor was already filling with couples doing what they pleased. The large back areas (play zones) were moderately active, even though it was early in the evening. The furnishings compel you to start something; soft, clean and comfortable. One can not help but tour the sexy zone and not return to the dance floor or the ample buffet without noticing your heart is racing in anticipation.

The bar is centrally located and well run, so a drink is just a shout away. Joi is a very big club, yet hassle-free as it is  run with TLC. Each party night, Jon and Parris take the time to deliver a fun contest prize to the winners of the night’s fun theme. Then quickly back to Dj M1 packing the floor with some of the sexist bodies found in the Southland steaming dual poles to today’s freshest dance music. At the risk of a cliché, ‘this club is nothing if it isn’t SEXY!

Visit this club at
www.clubjoi.com. Make sure you tell Samrican at the desk that NASCA’s Ambassadors Rick & Mary Amor sent you.

Photos & visit by Rick & Mary Amor for NASCA (ClubWET https://www.facebook.com/groups/171086572937264/)


Sensuous Vacation for Couples

NASCA NEWS  July 28, 2016

Report of club visit by NASCA Ambassadors Rick & Mary Amor

Mary & I couldn’t decide which of the qualities at Hankie Pankie (HP) we enjoyed the most. Truth, we were too stunned to decide. Hostess and Grand Lady, Heidi greeted us with a warmth and care not often seen in many Lifestyle clubs. Matt, her ‘Hand-of-the-Party’, took us on tour and answered all our many questions. Moving from area-to-area, we met friendly fun couples, including many we had met over the years at other lifestyle venues. It was like old home week. “Which perfection was best?” we asked ourselves, “the beautiful pool area, cabañas, the erotic cascading Jacuzzi pools, Hilton-like bedrooms, Castle Villa and its incredible heart pounding sexual activity, excellent Masseuse room, body painter, DJ Marcus jamming the floor, the efficient friendly classy full bar, ample available snacks, pro-photography set with none other than Doug?” Our heads spun. We loved the clean bathrooms, every corner of the huge dust-free property (did we mention clean?) and its amnesties were supported in detail all night. We found the old school Lifestyle Professionalism and love of party many think of as long gone. It’s not, it’s right here with Heidi and her hardworking crew. Heidi’s 5 star events are worth every penny and the driving time it may take to arrive at this “Resort-Party-Heaven.”      

Rick & Mary Amor
NASCA Ambassadors,
roving reporters on the swing scene

​​​NASCA NEWS  August 04, 2016

The Playcouples, a book in work by Robert McGinley

The social-sexual recreation known as swinging and the lifestyle has come a long way since the 1960s and continues to grow. The Playcouples, my book in work, offers stories of a number of the men and woman who by what they did and who they were made possible the lifestyle of today. When completed, you will read of John Raymond of the ASFM, John Poland and the SFL, Dr. Albert Freedman, former editor of Penthouse Forum, Ray Rhote and Holly, publishers of a number of swinger magazines, and Nena Roberts, Patti Thomas and their infamous boss Reuben Sturman, publisher of Connection magazine. Other publications that fostered the growth of swinging are here, such as the famous Leidy Lists, Berkeley Barb, Village Voice, Los Angeles Free Press, and little-known Swing. This history, written from a personal perspective, describes the hoops the lifestyle had to jump through due to interference by various government agencies. Famous legal issues include the California Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s illegal actions to drive The Lifestyles Organization out of the state because the ABC officers did not agree with Lifestyles’ philosophy. In short, the ABC did not want swingers to have freedom of expression. There were heroes in the early years, and a couple of not so nice individuals. The role of swing conventions and swing tours in swinging’s growth into the economic powerhouse of today is presented. The Playcouples is, I believe, a story that needs telling. 

Comments or personal narratives by readers that may add to this history will be welcome
: robert@drrobertmcginley.com.

Dr. McGinley’s blog:www.drrobertmcginley.com; Bio, Travel, The Lifestyle.

Rick & Mary Amor
NASCA Ambassadors,
roving reporters on the swing scene

[Playcouple Tours' major interest in life is in helping couples to enjoy their life together through tour, cruise and travel experiences. We offer vacation experiences for single men, women, and for families as well. Being a couple is a unique relationship, and traveling or going on a tour as a couple is a rewarding experience whether a lifestyle, nudist (yes, Playcouples represents nudist resorts), adventure or culture vacation.

Have you gone on a cruise of couples only?A Full-Ship Charter cruise for lifestyle couples offers an experience that will forever be cherished. We recommend Bliss Cruises' charter of the Celebrity Equinox (pictured) November 25 - December 2, 2017. Cabins are yet available - if you don't tarry! Go to our website www.playcouple.tours, select Cruises from the menu, Celebrity Equinox, then Check Availability for information that won't fail to arouse desire.

For any question on travel, tours, experiences or destinations, send to info@playcouple.tours. We will answer as best we can from our staff's extensive experiences. We would also like to hear of your experiences for our newsletter readers.

Coming Bliss cruises for couples
Celebrity Independence Nov. 2018
Celebrity IndependenceApril 2019

Kind regards,
Your Team at Playcouple Tours, Robert, Geri, Dan, Aaron & Rhoda

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NASCA NEWS  March 8, 2015

Lifestyle Resort Reverts to Traditional Model

Buena Park, CA - The owner of Club Ambiance, an all-inclusive resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, citing lack of support from the lifestyle community, hired Alex Oostenbrink to regain traditional bookings from major tour operators, effectively ending the resorts 2 year identity as a lifestyle resort. Alex managed the resort for some 12 years prior to Mr. Smatt’s ownership. Alex wrote in an email:

“I am trying hard to get the Tour operators back into the hotel, which we lost due to the fact that we were promoting the hotel as a lifestyle resort, which resulted that quite a number of good Operators stopped selling us. There is [now] one beach-section for nude bathing and that's it. When clients go to the bar or walk around the property they will have to be dressed and no more walking around in the nude, except on the nude beach section. [Lifestyle] clients will have to stick to the hotel rules.”

In NASCA’s opinion, Club Ambiance had an excellent opportunity to become a favored destination for lifestyle groups. Due to the changeover in ownership and new construction at Hedonism II and mostly fully booked Desire Resort on the Riviera Maya the timing was right. The size of the resort, fewer than 100 rooms, and low rates, made good sense for lifestyle bookings. Unfortunately, the management gave only sporadic and reluctant support for promotion as a lifestyle resort.

NASCA regrets losing a lifestyle destination but given the circumstances must agree with Mr. Smatt’s decision. It may be possible for future lifestyle groups provided it is a total resort takeover, such as we understand Lifestyles Holidays is considering, otherwise NASCA cannot recommend FIT or small group lifestyle bookings as in addition to not finding the environment they seek may encounter disapproval from general public clients. Club Ambiance will no longer appear on the Resorts page of NASCA.com.

P.O. Box 6978, Buena Park, CA 90622


NASCA International Expands into Adult Online Community

BUENA PARK, CA – November 12, 2014 – NASCA International, created in 1983 to provide information and promote the Lifestyle Community to inquiring adults, is pleased to announce its expansion into the online community offerings with www.nascaconnect.com. 

NASCA International has served the adult lifestyle community for many years, and with the increasing popularity of social media the addition of NascaConnect.com was a logical step. Now, in addition of information on clubs, resorts and events, NASCA will provide the newest of social networking technologies for exceptional social experiences for adult couples and singles.

NascaConnect.com is free for a three month exploratory trial to current and new members with no credit card and no obligation. Following the trial, members will be offered a continued membership at $9.95 monthly. 

NascaConnect.com offers:
Search Member Profiles
Couples & Singles
Forum – post your thoughts, experiences, questions
Instant Messaging
● Flirt Notifications
● Upcoming Events
​● Date Night Calendar
● Unlimited Photos
● Private Rooms
● Shop NASCA Connect
● Chat (coming soon)
● Free Membership Trial with no obligation
●  After trial, an off to continue at just $9.95 monthly or discount by Quarter

NASCA.com provides free online listings for clubs, lifestyle resorts and events. Listings include description, membership requirements, contact nformation, website, logo and location. To check a listing or find a club go to www.nasca.com. To ask to be listed complete the online form and submit. For other information or to ask a question use info@nasca.com.

Robert McGinley, Ph.D.





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Dr. Jacinta-Mariah​

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